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A reality TV show lands on the last fragment of a primordial supercontinent—where life has evolved separately for
600 million years.

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"Few debuts are as explosive as Warren Fahy's Fragment, a story of evolutionary horror that leaps off the page and grabs for your throat. Think Jurassic Park on steroids. This is one helluva ride!"
James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST ORACLE

"Warren Fahy’s Pandemonium is pure genius, an otherworldly wonder as creative as the best of Jules Verne. Here is riveting scientific speculation paired with bravado storytelling. I want more!"
James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of BLOODLINE

Radio Amerika Now
Radio interview with Warren Fahy (second hour). March 30, 2013
My Bookish Ways: Interview with Warren Fahy
"I really love reading a thriller that introduces me to a lot of exotic real world information so that the experience is not just an escapist adventure. The real world around us is the inspiration for all the fantasy we can come up with. By setting these adventures here on Earth in the present day, it enables me to explore all the miraculous and wonderful life that has evolved over the last three and a half billion years."
—Interview by Kristin Centorcelli March 20, 2013
Fragments of Pandemonium
When fragments of nature collide, the result is pandemonium. 
—Original essay by Warren Fahy for Powell's Books
Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column
Fahy is relentless in both his pacing and his logic, willing to kill humans as casually as, well, we are willing to kill one another. Pandemonium has fun so fast that you don't really think of how much of a bloodbath it all is. What makes Fahy's novels so much fun is the care he puts into the critters. Fahy crafts them not just as individual monsters, but as facets in a well-conceptualized ecosystem. The result is that they come to life, which, depending on how you feel about seeing nature at its bloodiest, makes for a book with an admirable depth to its horror.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Warren Fahy reviews Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Beck on Fahy
Greig Beck Interviews Warren Fahy for Thriller Central
Thriller Islands
Warren Fahy considers the "Island Thriller" genre, and the enduring appeal of exploring new worlds.
Creature Features - Animal Impostors
The power of evolution acting upon what gets eaten and what gets to eat.
Variety: Producer pieces FRAGMENT
Levin to adapt sci-fi novel for big screen
Lloyd Levin (The Green Zone, Watchmen, United 93) is set to produce the big screen adaptation of Warren Fahy's bestseller FRAGMENT.

The Wall Street Journal
"Hang on to your hats! Mr. Fahy takes readers on a wild ride through a parallel universe where evolution has run amok—think Jurassic Park but scarier."Cynthia Crossen and Helen Rogan
"FRAGMENT mops the floor with Jurassic Park in its best moments and puts it to shame completely when it comes to lending scientific plausibility to its premise." —Thomas M. Wagner
red starFRAGMENT Publishers Weekly (starred review) 
Fahy’s imaginative debut puts a fresh spin on the survival-of-prehistoric-beasts theme popularized by Jurassic Park."
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Warren Fahy
Author WARREN FAHY lives in San Diego, California

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