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Slate interviews author Warren Fahy on the surprisingly fun and interesting origins of the word "mullet". 

Fragments of Pandemonium

When fragments of nature collide, the result is pandemonium.  —Essay by Warren Fahy for Powell's Books

Thriller Islands

Warren Fahy considers the "Island Thriller" genre, and the enduring appeal of exploring new worlds.

My Bookish Ways: Interview with Warren Fahy

"I really love reading a thriller that introduces me to a lot of exotic real world information so that the experience is not just an escapist adventure. The real world around us is the inspiration for all the fantasy we can come up with. By setting these adventures here on Earth in the present day, it enables me to explore all the miraculous and wonderful life that has evolved over the last three and a half billion years." 
—Interview by Kristin Centorcelli March 20, 2013

Beck on Fahy 

Greig Beck Interviews Warren Fahy for Thriller Central

Creature Features - Animal Impostors

The power of evolution acting upon what gets eaten and what gets to eat.

Radio Amerika Now: Interview with Warren Fahy 

Radio interview with Warren Fahy (second hour).  March 30, 2013  

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and its thrilling sequel  PANDEMONIUM


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