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Two powerful tech trillionaires have come to a crossroads. One intends to go through with their plan to destroy the monstrous global network they created to control the human race; the other intends to betray her. 

An Orwellian thriller of ideas on the verge of being cancelled, ripped from today's headlines as humanity hurtles toward a future where any dissent will be branded... MAGENTA. 


A reality TV show lands on the last fragment of a primordial supercontinent—where life has evolved separately for 600 million years.


In the aftermath of one of the most significant and deadly discoveries in natural history, biologists Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger find themselves on the brink of a new adventure even more astonishing... 


The inexplicable murder of a kor child who spied a comet in the sky sets a catastrophic chain of events in motion that will shake the foundations of his people. As ancient truths are challenged, buried secrets surface and new ideas threaten to change the future of the kors forever.


In this strikingly unique tale, Warren Fahy (FRAGMENT, PANDEMONIUM and CRIMSON) takes readers on a journey through a different world where ancient themes play out on an epic stage. 

and Other Tales of Adventure


From a new adventure with the world's most famous consulting detective to tales in the farflung past, future and present, Warren Fahy presents an anthology of five stories (one featuring Sherlock Holmes). For the reader with an appetite for exotic tales both familiar and fantastic...

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