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"We're going to need a new planet."

Scientists have made a startling discovery: the last fragment of a primordial supercontinent on which life has evolved separately from all other life on Earth. 

The time is now. The place is the Trident, a long-range research vessel hired by the reality TV show SeaLife. Aboard is a cast of ambitious young scientists, and a director dying for drama. Henders Island might be just what the show needs to boost the ratings, until the first scientist sets foot ashore—and the ultimate test of survival begins. 

For what they discover is not a lost world frozen in time, an island of mutants, or a lab where science has gone mad. This is the Earth as it might have been after evolving separately for half a billion years, an ecosystem that could topple ours like a house of cards. 

Just as the stakes can’t get any higher, something more terrifying than anything humanity has ever encountered is discovered—and must be saved at any cost.  

"Few debuts are as explosive as Warren Fahy's FRAGMENT, a story of evolutionary horror that leaps off the page and grabs for your throat. Think JURASSIC PARK on steroids. This is one helluva ride!" 
James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Oracle
"Hang on to your hats! Mr. Fahy takes readers on a wild ride through a parallel universe where evolution has run amok—think Jurassic Park but scarier." The Wall Street Journal
“I haven't had this much fun reading a science/adventure thriller since Jurassic Park. For the last half I was frozen in place—I couldn't move, couldn't talk. I even teared up a couple of times in pure joy.  It took hours for the adrenaline to wear off." Fangoria
"Fahy’s imaginative debut puts a fresh spin on the survival-of-prehistoric-beasts theme popularized by JURASSIC PARK." Publishers Weekly (starred review)
 “The mayhem that ensues makes reality seem tepid and showcases the talents of a new novelist with a flair for forward-charging narrative. The details seem brilliantly researched, and the observations could be those of a sharp-minded student of biology. Whether Warren Fahy can pick up the torch once carried by the late Michael Crichton remains to be seen, but FRAGMENT is great for starters.”  Alan Cheuse, Dallas Morning News
"The plot briskly leaps from survival to an incredible ending I don't dare spoil, and the more you read, the better it gets. By the end I may or may not have had a tear in my eyes. Run-of-the-mill scientific thriller this is not. Highly recommended."  Alex Wolfe, Old Firehouse Books 

Explore the fascinating and deadly ecosystem of FRAGMENT on a podcast with author Warren Fahy

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and its thrilling sequel  PANDEMONIUM


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